Activities available in Arenal Volcano area

Rates per person in US dollars valid until November 30th ,2024.
Note: Transportation in La Fortuna applies to hotels in the main area of La Fortuna. Additional charges may apply to properties such as The Springs Resort and hotels located outside La Fortuna downtown and until Tabacon River.

Arenal Volcano Hiking

Duration: 4 hours

Enjoy the most extraordinary view of the Arenal Volcano on a gentle hike along the base of this marvelous “Mountain of Fire”. The Hike begins on the active side of the volcano that takes you through the forest over recent lava flows, and to the destroyed area, now in the process of regeneration. The three and a half hour hike on the trail will take us as close as five hundred meters from the lava flows.

Recommended: Towel, swimsuit, hat, sunscreen and sandals (high heels are not allowed).
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fee, breakfast, lunch and non alcoholic drinks.

Price per person: $101


Arenal Volcano & Paradise Hot Springs

Duration: 7 hours

The northern region’s most impressive landmark is the classic conical Arenal Volcano towering over the eastern shore of Lake Arenal. Costa Rica’s most active volcano rumbles regularly and bursts occasionally hurling rocks high into the air. This tour will take us to the Paradise hot spring waters, which are nestled into a lush valley on the northern side of the Volcano. The resort features a series of natural pools filled with thermal waters, beautiful landscaped grounds and a close-up view of the volcano. The volcano heats the River that flows through elaborate grounds complete with colorful gardens.

Recommended: Swimsuit, light clothes, sunscreen, and raincoat.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fee and dinner.

Price per person: $183

Paradise Hot Springs

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Duration: 8 hours

Caño Negro consists of a lake of the same name in the southern sector of the refuge. A swamp and marshland formed by alluvial sediments make up the rest of this protected area. Caño Negro Lake covers approximately 800 hectares and is 3 meters deep and is a seasonal spill-off site for the Frio River. There are three main habitats in the refuge, herbaceous vegetation, mixed seasonal swamp forest and mixed palm forest. The abundance and variety of birds is what justifies establishing this area as a wildlife refuge. Flocks of birds are extremely numerous and during the dry season, it is possible to see hundreds of them perched in some of the trees or along the sandbanks. Among the most prevalent or attractive birds are the Anhinga, Roseate Spoonbill, White Ibis, Northern Jacana, Wood Stork, Jabiru, which is the largest bird in the region and in great danger of extinction, Black Bellied Tree Duck, Cattle Egret, which perches in the hundreds in the trees that line the Frio River and the Neotropic Cormorant, which is the most prevalent bird in the refuge as Caño Negro has the largest colony in the country of this species.

Recommended: Light clothes, rainwear, sunscreen, binocular and hat.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, and beverages.

Price per person: $135


Canopy Tour with / without horseback riding

Duration: 4 hours

Come with us and experiment one of the ways to observe and enjoy, in a safe way, some of the most beautiful Tropical Forests in Costa Rica and the world.
All of our guides are highly prepared in safety, customer service, and nature. They will accompany you at all times ensuring that your vacation time be filled to your utmost advantage. This excursion starts with a comfortably ride seated in an tractor cart, that lasts about 20 minutes. Afterwards we arrive at the observation deck we start a 30 to 45 minute natural history walk where you will see and learn about the tropical ecosystems though one of our specialized guides. Once you are at the first cable, we start the zip line course using high quality equipment which is constantly checked and renewed to ensure its safety and good condition. Our cables are located in such a way that they start from platforms at ground level ensuring that if a tree did fall it will not produce any time laps in the tour. The cables, 10 in total, span lengths of 200 meters up to the longest of 800 meters; each cable offers a different sensation and experience crossing canyons, observing waterfalls, over the tops of trees or leaving from a spectacular observation tower 18 meters high. The Fortuna and Pino Blanco waterfalls, along with the majestic Arenal Volcano accompany us on this trek.
After the zip line adventure, you will visit the Maleku Cultural Rescue Center. In this small representative project you will learn about the traditional dress, cultures, crafts, beliefs, and language of these cultural ancestors of Costa Rica. You will return to the reception desk on horseback riding or tractor, while you enjoy the scenic beauty along the 2 km ride.

Recommended: Long pants, hiking shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, hat and binoculars.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, equipment, fruits juice and water.

Price per person: $131 with horseback riding / $100 without horseback riding


Celeste River and Tenorio Hiking tour

Duration: 7 hours

During the day, enjoy a visit to Celeste River and Tenorio Volcano.
We leave early in route to Rio Celeste, we’ll arrive at the Tenorio Volcano National Park, were we’ll begin our 5 miles hike (approximately 4 hours) through the tropical rain forest. We’ll arrive “Los Teñideros” of the Rio Celeste, the site where two streams of crystalline water come together and form the heavenly color blue that gives the river its name. We’ll return through trails, rich with ecological wonders that lead us to the “OLLAS” openings in the earth, beautiful of admiring; we can take dip in the natural hot springs all while observing the attractions of Tenorio Volcano. We’ll continue our hike through the jungle to seek out the volcano’s furnace vents that expel gases of extreme high temperatures. On our decent we will get to see the spectacular Rio Celeste waterfall whose color makes it one of a kind! Our final reward is an exquisite lunch at the end of our journey.

Tour includes: Breakfast, Celeste River One Day tour (Transportation, guide, lunch and entrance fee to the park), lodging and hotel taxes.

Price per person: $211


Arenal Vida Campesina

Enjoy a guided journey guided of the Arenal Vida Campesina property where you can appreciate traditional and non-traditional cultivations and take part in activities like milking a cow, making tortillas, gathering of vegetables from the vegetable garden, cultural activities as the milling of sugar cane, typical dances and collecting water from our handmade well. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with the environment by sponsoring and planting a tree in danger of extinction and enjoying a typical, organic lunch made with products harvested from the property and cooked on a woodstove.
After lunch, you will return to the hotel.

Tour includes: lunch, transportation, English Speaking tour guide
Tour duration: 4 hours approximately

Price per person: $107

Arenal Vida Campesina Tour

Pure Trek Canyoning Rappel

We start off the adventure by assisting you into your "Petzl" harness and giving you the "Piranha" rappelling gear, "Pro-Tec" helmet and gloves. Next, your professionally-trained bilingual guides will give you a thorough safety talk about proper techniques and rappelling moves. Then we do a practice rappel down an easy, 15-ft. waterfall, so you can get the hang of it.
Keep in mind, you′ll be using some rock climbing moves as we make our way through this gorgeous slot canyon - some parts of the canyon are less than 5-ft. in width! Remember to use your arms, legs and "bum!" You′ll descend down 5 more waterfalls until you get to the grand finale... the biggest waterfall over 210-ft high. The water will splash all around you as you make it to the bottom, feeling incredibly exhilarated. It′s then a short 10-minute walk up the side of the canyon to where your tropical fruit and water await you and then you get treated to a delicious home-cooked lunch.

Tour includes: Rappel equipment, transportation, tour guide and lunch included.

Price per person: $158


Horseback Riding to La Fortuna Waterfall

Duration: 5 hours

This mounted tour will take the tourist by horse through a trail full of Mango, Teca and Pochote tree plantations while the bilingual guide explains the importance of these products for the Costa Rican economy. After the ride, a hike through the forest will take us to the Fortuna Waterfall, a beautiful and impressive 70 meters high. The visitor will be invited for a swim in the natural lagoon and a delicious home-style lunch will be waiting after this amazing horseback ride. After lunch it’s time to relax and enjoy the swimming pool or take-in the beauty of the Hacienda.

Recommended: Insect repellent, rain coat, binoculars, camera, swim suit and towel.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, and beverages.

Price per person: $116

horseback riding tour costa rica

Horseback Riding at Mundo Aventura

Duration: 5 hours

This day your driver will pick you at your hotel to a wonderful horseback ride in the tropical rainforest.
After being prepared with all the instructions and equipment you will begin this amazing adventure. You will be accompanied by an experimented tour guide along the 3 km. (2 mile) trail, riding through reforested areas and private farms until you reach the Pino Blanco Waterfall lookout.
The return is done by riding to the Maleku Village. Here you have the opportunity to learn from the indigenous cultures and their legacy. This Maleku village is one of the 24 different indigenous territories in Costa Rica. This area conserves the authenticity of their beliefs, culture and traditions.
After the great visit, you continue your horseback ride to the starting point where the driver will be waiting for you and take you back to your hotel.

Recommended: Comfortable clothing, long pants, comfortable tennis shoes or walking shoes, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent.
Tour includes: Roundtrip transportation from and to the hotel, bilingual tour guide, entrance fee and equipment.
Tour Duration:4 ½ hours approximately (This time includes the tour time and travel time to and from the actual activity area)

Price per person: $116


Arenal Lake Kayaking

Duration: 4 hours

This day you will be enjoy of kayaking on Arenal Lake and breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano.
After a short drive, you will get to the Arenal Lake. Our guides will give you the equipment such as life jacket and a paddle. Then the tour begins with an orientation to paddling. You will learn basic paddle strokes, safety and rules of the water.
Once on the water, our guides will lead you along the shoreline for an incredible view of the volcano. On your journey you may observe different species of birds like the Great Blue Heron, Kingfisher, Flycatcher, Anhinga and may also possibly hear the Howler Monkey. After this tour you will be return to the hotel.

Tour includes: Transportation, guide, picnic fruits, beverages.

Price per person: $110


Mountain Biking

Duration: 4 hours

For those who want to exercise in an area where the forest, the Arenal Volcano and the Lake meet, this tour is a must. We will pick up the tourist at the hotel, and take them to the Arenal Lake Dam where the tour starts. At one side of the lake the bicycles await us where we will mount them and take the old trail into the forest, pedaling through the Arenal Volcano park. On this trail we will have the chance to see a variety of birds, monkeys, and other wild life.

Recommended: Insect repellent, coat, binoculars, camera, swim suit and towel rain.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, and beverages.

Price per person: $123


Sky Adventure

Duration: 4 hours

Discover the rainforest from the tree tops and enjoy an amazing ride on the Sky Tram. Sky Tram and Sky Trek are located within the Arenal Reserve where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Arenal Lake while you discover the adventure of the canopy tour.
This tours includes zip lining, hanging bridges and sky tram. Lunch included

Recommended: Light clothes, tennis shoes and long pants.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fee and lunch

Price per person: $235

(***) Prices NOT valid for Peak Season (from December 19th, 2023 to January 6th, 2024 and from March 24th to 31st,2024)


Hanging Bridges at Arenal

Duration: 4 hours

Arenal Hanging Bridges is a new tourism attraction in La Fortuna, only 4 km west of Tabacón within a 250 hectare (618 acre) reserve of primary forest. Visitors who love nature can enjoy 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long, featuring user friendly design along 3 km of rain forest trails paved with blocks to prevent slipping. The bridges are built of aluminum, galvanized steel and concrete, to ensure maximum security for their visitors. They were designed by structural engineers with the most demanding safety margins in the world.
Guided by a naturalist, this areas natural history will open the doors to a fascinating and colorful Tropical Rain Forest world. The imposing vistas of the Volcano from the hanging bridges over the forest make a perfect combination for an unforgettable experience.

Recommended: Light clothes, tennis shoes and long pants.
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fee and beverages.

Price per person: $113


Fourtrax ATV Adventure

Duration: 4 hours

Enjoy the adventure of the tropical forest. Experience the thrill of traveling on your own ATV into the mountains and enjoy the spectacular mountain views and the tropical rainforest as you travel through rustic unpaved roads and typical towns.

Recommended: Light clothing, swimming trunks, sneakers, camera and binoculars.
Tour includes: All Terrain Four-Wheel Vehicles (ATV`s) fully equipped, safety helmets, experienced bilingual guides, terrific local snacks during the tour, and round-trip transportation.

Price for two: for double ATV rider $201


White Water Rafting on the Sarapiqui River

Duration: 9 hours

This stunning rainforest river is an excellent choice for a first rafting trip in Costa Rica. The scenery is spectacular, the rapids are moderate, and the wildlife would have any Audubon Society member babbling ecstatically. The upper section of the river, with a gradient of 90 feet per mile and tight boulder drops, provides all of the scenic attractions of the lower section, with expert-level paddling as well. The lush vegetation and thick tree canopy along the narrow, winding river are home to toucans, cormorants, kingfishers, howler monkeys, hummingbirds and much more. Rapid expansion of banana plantations is threatening the water quality and aesthetic beauty of the entire Sarapiqui region. At the same time, sand and gravel extraction are increasing in the area. It would be a tremendous loss if this beautiful river corridor were substantially degraded by these two activities. You'll have fun going through exciting rapids interspersed with tranquil pools and taking in the stunning tropical forest scenery.

Recommended: Towel, swim suit, sunscreen, sandals, some dry clothes to change into (you will get wet!!).
Tour includes: Transportation, guide, equipment, breakfast and lunch.

Price per person: $142


Guided Hike to La Fortuna Waterfall

Duration: 3 hours

Located into a spectacular rainforest and over 70 meters high, the Fortuna River Waterfall is an attraction hard to miss on your visit through La Fortuna. Born from the river that carries the same name, this cascade shares its boundaries with the Arenal-Monteverde protected area, housing wealth of wildlife and becoming very important for the conservation of tributaries that feed drinking water to surrounding towns. Our guide will accompany you and point the most important details of this rich area, where we have the option of watching the beautiful waterfall from the view point, or walk about 300 meters in a very steep but safe pathway and get very close to it. Is allowed to swim in the river, but not near the waterfall. It will be difficult to forget!

Recommended:Comfortable clothing, hiking boots or tennis shoes, binoculars, camera, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent and rain gear (during rainy season).
Tour includes: Transportation, tour guide and entrance fee
Tour Includes:3 hours approximately

Price per person: $101


Pura Vida Cooking Class

Duration: 4 hours

At the prearrange time, a driver will meet you at the lobby of the hotel in order to transfer you to the farm.
Enjoy the morning in our farm. Let´s begin with a walk around the property, stopping at the orchard and picking up some fresh ingredients for our creating. The Mother Nature will give us different ingredients depending on the season of the year, so we will have open book to cook and imagine.
We could start early to cook some “Gallo Pinto” –our typical breakfast- a delicious combination of rice and beans with special sauces and chopped onions, cilantro and more spice. We can also practice how to prepare some home “Tortillas”, some “Empanadas” to be filled with plantains, cheese, beans or another surprise. The chicken on Annotto sauce is also a traditional recipe in Costa Rica that we can easily learn and cook for our loved ones. Starting at the afternoon allow us ingredients. May be some “Patacones”, or chips of local vegetables. We will choose one of these dishes to learn and create.
Come, learn, cook, have fun in a fascinating scenery and take something that you can share with your friends when you get back home.
Of course! We cannot end without preparing a very traditional dessert or beverage. Please Enjoy. After this delicious activity, you will return to the hotel, and will have time at leisure.

Recommended:Light comfortable clothing, sands or tennis shoes, camera, appetite
Tour includes: Bilingual naturalist guide, transportation in an A/C bus, cooked lunch or dinner (vegetarian food available upon request) and beverages.
Tour Includes:4 hours approximately (This time includes the tour time, lunch time and travel time to and from the actual activity area)

Price per person: $113


Don Juan Coffee & Chocolate tour

Duration: 4 hours

This tour starts with your pickup at your hotel to take you to discover the wonder of how chocolate and coffee are made.
The first part of the journey is the coffee process. Your tour guide will teach you about the history of coffee and its influence and importance to Costa Rica and its economy. You will see all the processes of the coffee, from the seed to the delicious final product, the cup of coffee.
Then, delight in a wonderful demonstration of the chocolate making process as the rich history of the cacao plant is explained. You will participate in the process and have the opportunity to taste the fruit of the cacao, observe how the small cocoa beans are magically converted into a rich tasting chocolate drink. This tour will show you the whole process of transition from seed to cocoa pure and ground.
This is truly coffee and chocolate lovers tour and for anyone looking to learn the history and culture of these vital components of Costa Rican culture. This is an absolute can't-miss tour while you're in Arenal!
After the amazing tour, you will go back to your hotel.

Recommended: Comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes, camera, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent.
Tour includes: Roundtrip transportation from and to the hotel (shared), bilingual tour guide, entrance fee and coffee and chocolate tasting.
Tour duration: 4 hours approximately (This time includes the tour time and travel time to and from the actual activity areas).

Price per person: $78


Chocolate tour

Duration: 4 hours

With the view of the majestic Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna of San Carlos, enjoy the sweetest rainforest experience, discovering the ancient secrets of chocolate: from its discovery and use, in tropical America, to the processing of the product we know and enjoy today.
Considered as “a gift of the Gods”, the cacao tree was very important to the ancient culture, it was not only used as a ceremonial drink, but its seeds were also used as currency because of its economic value, in many regions of Mesoamerica, including Costa Rica.
In this 2-hour “hands on” program, you will have the opportunity to learn interesting aspects of cocoa and chocolate, from its origin and history, participating in all the production process, from the harvesting of the fruit, drying and grinding of the seed, also the developing of the traditional drink of our ancestors, and of course enjoying a high quality organic chocolate.

Recommended:Comfortable clothing, comfortable tennis shoes or walking shoes, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent.
Tour includes: Roundtrip transportation from and to the hotel, bilingual tour guide, and entrance fee.
Tour Duration:3 ½ hours approximately (This time includes the tour time and travel time to and from the actual activity area)

Price per person: $113


Sloths & Birds

Duration: 4 hours

You could say that the sloths are one of our emblematic animals of the fauna of Costa Rica. These small and gracious friends are particularly beautiful, owners of tenderness with an eternal smile that makes it seem that he is always happy. Well, apparently they are very happy because nothing stresses them.
We would like very much that you can join us on a short hike through the secondary forest and try to find them, generally on this special pathway -designed for all the family- it is very common that we can find these little green mammals, even if they try to blend in with the flora, our expert guides know their secrets, so they do not hide for a long time. In addition, we can enjoy many fabulous plants that will teach us curious facts. Because of its location and type of flora, this trail is very diverse in birds, so as to complement a morning or afternoon full of wildlife, we could appreciate many species of local birds. Recommended only for sloths and bird lovers!
Get your camera loaded and ready.

Recommended:Light, comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, binoculars, camera, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent and rain gear (rainy season).
Tour includes: Transportation, tour guide and entrance fee.

Price per person: $91

Sloth Tour Costa Rica


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