A country full of beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and tropical jungles is the perfect site for your destination wedding or honeymoon.
Costa Rica offers exotic rainforests and marvelous beaches to create the perfect wedding scenery just for you and your soul mate.

We offer a full team of experts to help you from the moment you choose Costa Rica as your destination wedding. We will provide you with information on various exotic locations to perform your ceremony, reception, flowers, cake, catering, wedding license, bachelor & bachelorette parties, guest accommodations & more.

Rely on our team of dedicated professionals to plan everything, leaving you free to enjoy your day. From the small details to the big picture, our personal will be glad to assist step by step in order to help you enjoy your day and have a dream wedding in such a fantastic wedding destination as Costa Rica.

What We Offer

- We take care of all the legal arrangements.
- We will organize all the details for you, leaving you free to enjoy your day, but we will do it according to your dreams.
- We will provide you with the best venues, vendors and providers with a major price quality relation.
- We will take care of all the calls and arrangements, saving you time to enjoy and only make the final decisions.
- We will take care of unexpected situations, working to make your wedding the most special day in your life.
- We will work with you to create your perfect wedding, no matter your budget or your dreams.
- And most important, we will take care of you and all your fantasies to make your dream wedding come true.


Legal Requirements and General Information

People think that getting married in Costa Rica is a complicated matter but your legal officiator can perform a wedding with just copies of your passports and the wedding questionnaire. Your legal officiator takes care of the rest.

You do not need to apply for a marriage license from your county or from Costa Rica. According with Costa Rican Laws, women do not change their last name when they get married. On the legal documentation on your marriage certificate your names will appear as they currently appear in your passports. You can start the process in order to change your last name in your country, if this is your desire, when you submit your marriage certificate to your county.

After the ceremony, you will receive a marriage statement sent to the Costa Rican Civil Registry (the governmental institution which records the marriages in Costa Rica) officially translated into English. You will be able to submit this document to your Marriages Record Office and get your marriage filed in your country once you get back home without waiting for the registration process in Costa Rica to be concluded.

The registration process of a Civil Marriage in Costa Rica takes approximately three months alter your wedding day. You will be mailed the definitive official marriage certificate issued by the Costa Rican Civil Registry Office and officially translated by your legal officiator.
The marriage in Costa Rica is recognized in the USA and Canada and it is considered legal internationally.

Your legal officiator services include performing of all the legal documentation you will need, the registration of the documents at the Costa Rican Civil Registry Office and the translation and mailing of the final marriage certificate. The fee for their services is $500.00.
Below you will find the necessary information needed to begin planning your Costa Rican wedding. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

Requirements for Getting Married in Costa Rica

- Current passports for Groom, Bride and Witnesses (obligatory / copies needed beforehand).
- Birth Certificates for Groom and Bride (dispensable).
- Single or divorce certificates for groom and bride (dispensable).
- If anyone, groom or bride, has been married previously, a photocopy of the final Judgment executing the divorce (dispensable).
- In case the bride has been divorced from previous marriage during the previous 10 months from the wedding date, certifications issued by two official Costa Rican Physicians stating that she is not currently pregnant.
- Two witnesses at the ceremony. Anyone can serve you as witnesses even your close family or citizens of Costa Rica (In case you do not have any witnesses the attorneys office can provide them for you).
- Request our wedding questionnaire sending an email to

The bride and groom must be in Costa Rica at least 2 days prior to the wedding, in order to finalize the necessary paper work, and the ceremony must be scheduled at least one month in advance. The documents you bring here do not need to be translated into Spanish, and you don't need to bring the originals.

When we say “dispensable” it is because we substitute all the dispensable documents with a sworn declaration by the two of you that are prepared based on the information you give.


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