Costa Rica Vaccination Requirements for Visitors

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Costa Rica recently announced that a health insurance policy for minors and adults no longer will be required for entry to visitors who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Starting August 1st, 2021, minors under the age of 18 and those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have received approved vaccines Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson, will be able to enter Costa Rica without a required travel health insurance policy.

Visitors will be still required to complete the electronic Health Pass 72 hours prior to arriving in Costa Rica.

Vaccination Proof requirements: 

• Vaccinated with Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson.
• The last dose must have been administered at least 14 days before entering Costa Rica.
• Proof must be demonstrated with a document that includes the person’s full name, date of each dose, formula, and lot number.
• For U.S. visitors Covid-19 vaccination record card will be required as proof
• Complete digital epidemiological form “Health Pass”

Travel insurance will continue to be required for unvaccinated adults are visiting Costa Rica.

Requirements to enter Costa Rica

• Complete digital epidemiological form “Health Pass”
This form asks for information on travel plans and requests for proof of travel insurance. This should be completed 72 hours before arriving in Cosa Rica.
It generates a QR code that you must show upon arrival; some airlines ask for it at check-in.

Purchase travel insurance
This can be either from an international company or purchased from Costa Rican insurers (the National Insurance Institute (INS) or Sagicor of Costa Rica). The policy must cover medical expenses or unexpected extended hotel stay due to COVID-19 for the duration of your stay in Cosa Rica.

Travel insurance requirements

• Policy must be valid for the entire stay of your visit
• If purchasing international travel insurance, the policy must cover medical expenses related to COVID of at least USD$50,000
• If purchasing from a Costa Rica insurer, the policy must cover medical expenses related to COVID for at least USD$20,000
• Policy must include coverage of USD $2,000 for extended lodging expenses due to the pandemic
• Visitors will be required to submit insurance information online by filling out the epidemiological form.
• If the visitor has a foreign policy, they must upload a PDF for validation in English or Spanish
• If the visitor has from a local insurer, they can type the policy number into the form for validation


Safe Travels Voyager COVID Insurance 

If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica during the pandemic, be sure to add travel medical insurance that can help with medical costs if you contract COVID-19 while traveling.
Safe Travels Voyager meets all the insurance requirements for visitors to Costa Rica. This plan offers robust coverage for COVID-19, trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip cancellation, missed connections, medical evacuation, and more. Safe Travelers Voyager is the perfect companion for any traveler to Costa Rica.

Why Safe Travels Voyager?
This well-rounded plan includes benefits for COVID-19, emergency evacuation, and more. Safe Travels Voyager meets the extended lodging requirement by offering a trip delay benefit which includes accommodation. The $2,000 ($150/day) benefit is included in the plan with the option to upgrade to $4,000 ($300/day) or $7,000 ($500/day).

Who is eligible for the Safe Travels Voyager?
U.S residents who need trip cancellation benefits for travel within the USA and internationally.

If I cancel my trip because of coronavirus, will it be covered? If you have “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage and you cancel your trip within the limits of your contract, you will be covered. If you are planning on taking a trip in the near future, this kind of plan is prudent in case you need to cancel your trip.

 Is the plan cancelable?
You can cancel for any reason. You may cancel the insurance by given written consent within the first to occur of the following: (a) 10 days from the effective date of your insurance; (b) Your scheduled departure date. If you do this, the company will refund your premium paid provided no claim is under the policy.

Safe Travels Voyager Coverage 
-COVID-19 coverage included
-Optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit
-Trip Interruption and Delay insured up to 150% of trip cost
-Emergency Medical Evacuation up to $1 million
-Trip Delay coverage (including accommodation) options of $2,000, $4,000 and $7,000

Policy Brochure


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