Manuel Antonio a jewel on the Pacific Coast

by Joseph DeLoach

Those that visit Costa Rica have a specific expectation of tropical forests, chattering monkeys, and pristine beaches. While the traveler can find these conditions all around the country, Manuel Antonio National Park is the epitome of paradise. This national park, and nearby town of Quepos, has everything the traveler will need to get away from it all – and find the perfect setting for rest and relaxation. Thanks to Costa Rica Dream Adventures, today you’ll learn all about this magnificent example of Costa Rica’s iconic coastline.

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The Manuel Antonio National Park was created in 1972. It lies on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and receives approximately 150,000 visitors a year. The park is one of Costa Rico’s smallest, at 1687 acres, but is well-known as the jewel of the Pacific with a lush rain forest that grows right up to the high-tide line of each of the beautiful white-sand beaches.
The most famous beach in Manuel Antonio is Playa Espadilla Sur about a half-hour hike from the entrance of the park. This beach is more than picturesque, it is a perfect reflection of the beauty in nature. White sand like power under the foot, blue water so clear the bottom is visible. In fact, the traveler will notice these same aspects about all the beaches in Manuel Antonio.

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The hiking trails in Manuel Antonio are filled with the wildest of atmospheres. Thick evergreen forests host over 109 species of mammal and 184 species of bird. Chattering capuchin monkeys swing and play through the limbs of the trees, sloths (three-toed and two-toed) meander about in their own leisurely way, dolphins play along the coast, and the occasional migrating whale can be seen on its way to another home. The traveler will enjoy the full spectrum of a nearly untouched natural environment as they walk through this amazing park.


Customized Costa Rica Vacations

The nearby town of Quepos, only 7 km from the entrance to Manuel Antonio, is considered the gateway to the park. Even with all the traffic that tourism brings, Quepos remains an authentic and laid-back example of Costa Rican culture. The streets are easy to walk navigate on foot; and the traveler will find local shops, bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops along them.
Quepos is also a well-known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World”. The sportfishers can also find tuna, marlin, dorado, wahoo, snook, roosterfish, and snapper in the water near Quepos.
Near Quepos are San Juana, Damas Island Estuary, and Nahomi Park. San Juana is a mountain village in the Central Pacific mountains, only an hour from Quepos. Here, the traveler will find a traditional way of life that can toured and tasted.
The Damas Island Estuary, only 15 minutes from Quepos, gives the traveler a chance to boat or kayak on a tour through natural waterways that cut through the area. Monkeys, snakes, sloths, and crocodiles can be seen from this tour. On the southern edge of Quepos, Nahomi Park has an excellent view of the sea and its brilliant colors when the sun sets.

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Manuel Antonio National Park is more than the traveler could expect from Costa Rica, a paradise that shouldn’t be missed. And, thanks to Costa Rica Dream Adventures, the traveler will be in good hands with such a specialist on tours in Costa Rica.


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